Sunday, November 12, 2006

Super Value Stores - Modern Retail Format

This is the most effective and widely used form of merchandising practices adopted by HLL to enhance their visibility in the form of window paid displays.

5 visibility aids for SVS
Ø Glow sign boards
Ø Boards should be cleaned and maintained on each visit
Ø Boards should be lit
Ø HLL planogram must be there
Ø Board backing sheet

Ø The uppermost display window must not be 8 ft above the ground level of the outlet.
Ø Ideally all the display windows should be between 4-8 ft from the floor
Ø Criteria for an outlet to qualify for SVS is must have 8 window displays
Ø Out of 8 windows 6 windows signify product portfolio and 2 windows denote news corner
Ø News corner windows are hired and changed every 21-30 of the month and give information about new product inventions and offerings
Ø News corner windows should be ideally 1-2 ft above the counter top of the outlet.
Ø 3 % CD is given to SVS on fulfillment of all the criteria desired and accordingly points are given after a comprehensive survey of the existing SVS by the supervisors and the company personnel on a monthly basis
Ø Glow sign should be lit
Ø A table top listing offers and new product introductions should be there on the counter tops
Ø Four hanger displays of shampoo and detergents should be ideally there
Ø Backing sheet must be present
Ø Presence of POP, POSM, Danglers need to there
Ø Shelf strips to support the displays
Ø Cut outs to enhance the effectiveness of window displays (Girl cut outs, women cut outs as in the case of Clinic Plus)

Products are displayed according to the templates designed by the brand team every month and a copy of the same is sent to the respective distributors and merchandisers accordingly. From 1-20 of each month windows across the territory are maintained and supervised by the merchandisers and the company personnel.