Thursday, April 13, 2006

Vibha and Sanjay Rishi ... most interesting couple !!

Vibha grew up in Bombay, Delhi and Corporate India. She joined the Tata Administrative Services right out of business school and became one of the nucleus group that worked on the birth of Titan Watches. She greatly enjoyed the creativity and freedom of expression as she worked on the marketing and design of the first range of watches.
Life, and baby, took her to Delhi where she joined the start up team on the Pepsi project in early 1989. A 14 year roller coaster ride later, during which Brand Pepsi became the #1 cola and Mirinda and 7UP gained leadership in their categories, she moved with her family to PepsiCo Headquarters in Purchase, NY.
Her current responsibilities include managing a clutch of PepsiCo brands internationally, primarily 7UP, Mirinda and Mountain Dew. She loves to read, garden, travel and listen to young people around the world.

Along with Vibha, her husband, Sanjay Rishi, too shifted to New York on a huge promotion: from being vice president and general manager in charge of the American Express service centres in Asia since early 2001, he has been made senior vice-president, service network partners.
In his expanded role, Rishi is directly responsible for overseeing service partners globally for American Express' US operations, while continuing to manage American Express' customer processing operations across Asia.
The list of Indian expat managers is getting longer by the week. And the trend is visible across sectors like FMCG, banking, pharmaceuticals, information technology, publishing, consulting etc.

Vibha and Sanjay have proved that a balance between personal and professional life is very much possible.


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