Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Airline Business .. targeting Bottom of the Pyramid

The Deccan airlines were the first in India to offer tickets for Re 1 to Rs 500.

Capt. Gopinath's Vision - "each and every individual, whether a labourer or a professional, should definately be able to take atleast one flight a year". According to him - "Emerging India was not about 1 billion hungry people, but 1 billion hungry consumers"

Out of 20 million passengers travelling by train, Capt. Gopinath suggests that even if they get 5% to travel by air, it will be 1 million passengers, which currently is 50000.

Strategy: Use small 48 to 50 seaters planes for towns and large planes for metros
He projects that Air Deccan will touch 4 million passengers by end of the year, which is half of what Indian Airlines achieved in 50 years - Signifies the paradigm shift.

Air Deccan did not only remove the price barrier, but also the social and caste barrier to air travel !!


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