Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Unilever .. the FMCG major - coming out of Ice Cream and Frozen Foods

1. Foods Business - 49% of Unilever's sales
2. Ice Cream and Frozen Food Business - 30%

-> European Market - 43% of Unilever's sales

With Europe getting increasingly more health conscious, frozen meals are falling out of favour with consumers. Chilled fresh foods, organic foods and chilled ready meal kits have been eating into frozen foods market - ever since Healthy Eating Campaigns have caught hold of European palate.

Unilever Brands
1. Birds eye
2. Findus
3. Iglo

Unilever has appointed Goldman Sachs to review and recommend more investment or creating a subsidiary. The most appropriate move would be a sell-off which would fetch $2.5 billion.