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Corporate Identity Makeover

New Avtar of HLL - Hindustan Unilever Limited

Hindustan Lever Ltd has formally introduced a new corporate logo and changed its name to Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

Whats the purpose?

  • leverage the global scale of the company and at the same time keep its Indian identity intact with its new name
  • Maintaining a fine balance between its Indian identity and global heritage
India is an exception to have its name as a suffix unlike the rest of its subsidiaries where it prefixes its name with the name of the country. According to HLL, retaining the name "Hindustan" as the first word in its name reflects the company's continued commitment to local economy, consumers, partners and employees.

What does the symbol signify?

  • company's mission of `adding vitality to life'
  • comprises 25 different icons representing the organisation, its brands and the idea of vitality
  • Each of the icons, which make up the U, represent broadly product categories the group is in - for example, a tiny spoon in the logo is a symbol of nutrition, taste and cooking, while a chilli indicates spice and flavours and lips represent beauty, looking good and great taste
  • Mr Doug Baillie, CEO, Hindustan Lever Ltd, said: "The identity symbolises the benefits we bring to our consumers and the communities we work in. Our mission is full of promise for the future, opening up exciting opportunities where we have competitive advantage for developing our business and our new identity will help us confidently position ourselves in every aspect of our business."
Bajaj Auto

Auto unveiled the new corporate identity on the 15th of January at the Auto Expo 2004, New Delhi. The white and blue reverse hexagonal symbol with Bajaj Auto in small lettering, which stood in good stead for Bajaj Auto for many decades, finally paved way for a refreshing new look symbol with the Bajaj logotype in capital letters. The new identity arrives at a time when Bajaj Auto has successfully metamorphosed into a major motorcycle manufacturer with proven credentials in award winning Pulsar twins and also proved its technological capability with the introduction the revolutionary Digital Twin Spark Ignition (DTSi) technology.
The new visual identity of Bajaj Auto emanates from the confirmation of core values, which Bajaj has identified as its brand values. The Brand essence for the new Bajaj has been defined as "Excitement". Excitement engineering will deliver and inspire confidence in to various stakeholders like Bajaj has traditionally done. Bajaj promises to live its essence thru a set of five Brand Values of Learning, Innovation, Perfection, Speed and Transparency.

The change in Identity is a part of the ongoing changes happening at Bajaj. At a time when Bajaj has state of the art manufacturing infrastructure, has an enviable distribution and service network, has created a benchmark R&D facility and at a time when the customer has changed in terms of its exposure to quality and style, the change in Identity will help invite a paradigm shift in consumer perception of the company.

The traditional hexagonal symbol has been replaced by an open abstract form of stylized B, the "flying B" as it has been named represents style and technology. Italso has a strong association with the heritage of Bajaj since the external form has a hint of hexagon. "Flying B" form denotes speed and open form denotes the transparency.

The new Logotype is all capital BAJAJ, representing precision engineering and perfection. The logo is all confident bold stylistic lettering, which is very global in its outlook.

Bajaj has adopted a new brandline of "Inspiring Confidence". In whatever the company does it seeks to inspire confidence in its audience. Bajaj has traditionally enjoyed tremendous consumer support and plans to consolidate and move ahead on this. The Brandline appears below the Logotype in a script font.This font is to represent learning values at Bajaj and that Bajaj as a brand moves closer to customer.

The Identity has a fresh new Blue colour. This Blue represents stability and strength of Bajaj. Blue also represents high technology and precision engineering.The new Identity presents a futuristic face of the new global Bajaj. Elephant Design has been working with Bajaj on creating and implementing the new Bajajidentity. The new brand will manifest in all consumer and employee interfaces.Says Rajiv Bajaj, Joint Managing Director, BAL, "Bajaj is on the cusp of a revolution brewing on various fronts, be it, exports, design, R&D, new models and marketing. The company thus needed a new identity that would present the new philosophy. The sweeping changes happening at Bajaj Auto required a more dynamic, vibrant and exciting identity, which would also showcase inspiration and confidence through excitement engineering. The change in identity is expected to present an easier interface for the world to understand the new Bajaj with the same trustworthy values."

Hutch - Orange to Pink

Dabur - Towards Tree

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