Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Chillies .. in the brand personality stage

National brands like
ITC Aashirvaad
are all jostling for consumer mind space with blistering marketing campaigns that would put most FMCG products to shame. But they believe it is worth it. Branded chilli powder is today a Rs 200-cr business that is growing at a fiery 30per cent annually. That makes it one of the top money spinner in the grocery business.

Everest, for instance, discovered that people had different preferences for chilli powder. While some liked it hot, others preferred the milder form. Still others liked it ground fine while many liked it coarse. Everest launched three varieties of chilli powders -
Teekhalal, Kashmirilal and Kutilal

But it is uphill, nevertheless. “Chillies are now in the brand personality stage, where they need to state what is different about them. Unfortunately, they all appear quite similar right now. They all want to own the colour red, the word tikha and ethnicity. That is causing a lot of confusion in consumer minds,” says Jagdeep Kapoor of advertising consultancy Samsika. “Apart from functional needs, they now need to cater to a consumer’s aspirational and latent needs and create disparity through intangibles. After connecting with the mind by focusing on price and quality, they now need to connect with the heart. Otherwise, all brands will become clones of each other,” he points out.

Its a jouney from price/quality to Heart !!

What intangibles can marketers introduce to touch the consumer heart ?


Blogger Nitin Kochhar said...

Its really difficult to have product differentiation in case of chillies !! There is less scope of emotional marketing .. but let us see the comments from FMCG Marketers #

August 31, 2005 4:45 PM  
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