Saturday, October 15, 2005

Rasna forays into fruit Juice market

Rasna Pvt. Ltd. made announcement to foray into the highly competitive Fruit Juice market by launching Rasna Juc Fit. Rasna Juc Fit is enriched with vital vitamins, minerals and calcium fulfilling human body's daily nourishment requirements and available in three appetizing flavors - Orange, Mango and Mixed Fruit at selected outlets.

The launch of the new fruit juice based health drink has been backed by an extensive research in a number of Indian cities. Based on the research, Rasna Juc Fit is expected to fill the need gap that currently exists in the mass market for a healthy and affordable fruit juice. Rasna Juc Fit will front end Rasna's consolidation of the Indian juice market.

The launch of the new product is being backed by an aggressive marketing strategy that entails extremely economical pricing, excellent quality standards and a strengthened dealer network of 1.7mn retailers.

Rasna is the first company in India to introduce a fruit juice product with 100% Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA), 7 essential vitamins and minerals. Rasna Juc Fit, the product for every healthy Indian home, adds fitness with style. Bollywood heartthrob, Hrithik Roshan is endorsing Rasna Juc Fit and will be featuring in its print advertising campaigns.


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