Thursday, October 13, 2005

Reasearch Paper: India could pioneer a new Business Model for FMCG

The apparent slide in the fortunes of many FMCG companies during the last couple of years seems to be the sign of times to come. I believe that it is a sign of the paradigmatic shift from Industrial Economy to Information Economy.

The major FMCG companies have to now move on to a new business model. This paper outlines a way to move towards such a model.

It is time large firms in India came up with bold new initiatives. For FMCG companies in India they have to craft a strategy that adequately takes into account the singularly unique characteristics of India and also move towards meeting triple bottom line results.

The rest of this paper is divided into the following sections
A. Typical current business model of FMCG companies
B. Ground Reality Created by the Existing Business Model
C. What can be done now? Towards new business principles
D. The New Business Model
E. Advantages of the new model
F. Important Questions that will need to be answered

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