Friday, November 04, 2005

What should be the Characteristics of a Marketer ??

What is required in a marketer .. Many, lets list few of them ..

1. As there are different stakeholders in an organization like customers, employees, suppliers etc. So it becomes very important for a marketers to be good at managing people. Its important for him to understand their psycology and act diligently.

2. Suppose you are a Area Sales Manager in HLL, so need to deal with people across the distribution channel. So you have negotiate and convince the suppliers, wholesalers regarding the product margins, the targets for the quarter, the operational efficiencies etc. So a marketers should be a good negotiator and possess convincing skills.

3. Should be aware of the market dynamics, the external variables which affect the business, to take effective actions and compete better against the big players.

4. Innovations plays an important role. But too much of innovation is a disaster, especially in a Brand Management Profile. Recently, Unilever has taken power from the Brand Managers from different regions as they were making different marketing campaigns in different country. This affect the core global brand personality. What i feel is that, innovation to some extent is required may be 5 on 10. But if you are in an advertising world, then you need 8.

5. Hard Work is the key for success for a marketing career in a FMCG company. ASM have to slough like nuts, toching hundred of retailers, collaborating with suppliers, fulfilling targets. And as it margin scarce sector, to increase few more pennies in the Sales revenues is not an easy job. You actually have to walk under the sun to sell one more Liril. But thats where the learning is. Untill and unless you do down to the real market, you can never be an effective marketer.

6. When a person reach level 3 or 4 in the marketing ladder, something like VP or GM - Sales & Marketing, you should have the acumen to predict the market trends, the new product categories which can be introduced, different possible brand extenstions, converting the unfulfilled needs to real product which force the consumer to spend few more 100 Rs notes.

I will keep comment on this in future.

But i want you guys to respond to this question?
Marketers what do you have it in you?


Blogger Crazy Economist said...

A marketer should be
1.sensitive, to people's needs
2.aggressive, to push for selling products
3.Creative, so as to find newer ways to sell in competitive markets
4.Passionate, about his job

November 04, 2005 7:12 PM  
Blogger vc said...

Marketer should
-Be creative
-Good Communicator
-Good in networking with people
will add more later on

November 04, 2005 9:17 PM  
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