Thursday, April 13, 2006

Shripad Nadkarni and Sharda Agarwal set-up Marketgate Consulting

The exit of Coca-Cola India's VP-Marketing and Director-Marketing, Shripad Nadkarni and Sharda Agarwal, respectively, was bit of a jolt for the cola major. The two ex-colleagues then joined hands to explore the hitherto uncluttered market consultancy space. The consultancy is expanding and Nadkarni and Agarwal are ploughing in all their experience to become a trusted partner of clients and ensuring strategic marketing solutions.

With Coke India for the past four years, Nadkarni has been associated with some memorable advertising campaigns including the thanda matlab Coca Cola campaign featuring Aamir Khan. Nadkarni will continue to be with the company to co-ordinate all the advertising and marketing campaigns for this summer.

Nadkarni is also credited with having successfully integrated this punch line with the five-rupee price point strategy Coca-Cola decided to promote over the last two years, again using Aamir Khan to convey this message to its consumers.


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