Friday, May 26, 2006

HLL's Taj Mahal's Respositioning: Will it be effective?

What image do you have when you see a Pack of Taj Mahal? Must be Blue package, Zakir Hussain with an old image. Dont you think HLL is just targeting the middle segment. There is not much of Youth emotional appeal.

In past we have seen HLLs competitors Tata Tea roped in Sania Mirza to target the young consumers of India.

Fearing that HLL might lose out on young consumers, Hindustan Lever is giving its 40-year-old premium tea brand Taj Mahal a facelift, overhauling brand styling for the fourth time in its lifespan so far. "The idea is to give the Taj Mahal tea a new avtaar without losing out on its brand equity and attract new consumers," said Rekha P Gulati CEO of DMA Branding, which has won the contract from HLL to reposition the brand.

Market Situation: Rs 200 crore tea brand was losing relevance among the new breed of consumers with its earlier look and hence necessitated the change. The brand has been consistently built having a unique selling proposition of being the best tea. But its look and feel did not live up to its premium pricing.

Competitive Analysis: With rivals like Tata Tea roping in youth icon Sania Mirza as brand ambassador to connect with the young consumers, HLL could not have afforded to lag behind and hence decided to give a new twist to the image associated with Zakir Hussain, the face of Taj Mahal tea.

What HLL wants?
  • HLL wants the target audience to be all tea drinkers
  • Watching Zakir Hussain playing in front of Taj Mahal there was no link on brand style. They need to change this
  • A madeover Taj Mahal tea in a new packaging, with a tag line "Wah Taj sabse khaas Taj ehsaas" hits the market replacing the old "Wah Taj"

Do you think that this makeover/ repositioning which actually affect the sales of Taj Mahal in future and will snatch the share from Tata Tea?


Blogger Peggy said...

It has roped in Saif Ali Khan and changed to a dark blue packaging. But an increase in sales has still yet to be studied.

October 03, 2007 1:00 PM  
Blogger DMA Yellow Works said...

@Peggy ... hey we've worked on the 'blue packaging'. You could check it out here - Taj Mahal Tea Packaging Design

April 23, 2010 10:57 AM  

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