Tuesday, April 25, 2006

360 Branding. What all does it take?

Business man/ marketers have used 360 prefix to many concepts in past, out of which one concept is 360 Branding. Others are 360 feedback etc. Now let me explain you how does a typical process of 360* brand engagement can be distilled into a clear 4-step journey:

1. Ensure that the top team know why they are embarking on the journey in the first place
2. communicate a compelling story to employees which explains the importance of the brand and its delivery
3. Help people to experience the story and understand the role they can play in making it happen
4. Reinforce it through the processes you use to manage the business

These points are taken Strategic Management.

Some organizations/ CEOs still focus of external brand buliding, cost-cutting, great customer service etc. But what about the people in the office. What percentage of this marketing budget do CEOs propose to spend internally on involving and engaging people to ensure to get a return on this investment? Meagre!!

It’s easy to get caught up in the language of brands as if they’re somehow separate from the organisations they represent. But brands are only sustainable when the things they stand for are consistently brought to life by the employee for the customer.

Attracted to the shop window by the promise created by PR and advertising, customers will naturally use that promise as the benchmark for judging the service they receive. What really matters is what happens inside the shop window. Where brand promise meets service reality. And in most markets customers will be unforgiving if the reality falls short.

Let me go back to service marketing model which consist od 3 things:
1. Internal Marketing
2. External Marketing
3. Interactive Marketing

Now most CEOs focus on external marketing to get maximux leads and attract customers. But what next? The exployees have to attend them and this is only possible through internal marketing which will lead to effective Interative Marketing.

SOme other points to keep in mind are as follows:
1. Bringing the brand to life inside an organisation demands more than just integrated marketing
2. Brand engagement cannot be conscripted - it can only be volunteered
3. CEO stands for Chief Engagement Officer
4. An engaged organisation is a talking, listening and learning organisation
5. Employees who choose to buy your products and services can be your best ambassadors


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