Saturday, April 15, 2006

Brand Name For Aroma and Home Products

QUERYHi, I need to find a brand name for our aroma, spa products. This brand will sell our fragrance lamps, aroma diffusers, perfume oils, candles and later we will sell other home items , like bed linens, towels..
I thought of the name "Ambroisie a la maison". From the English word "ambrosia". Meaning 1 a : the food of the Greek and Roman gods b : the ointment or perfume of the gods
2 : something extremely pleasing to taste or smell
It's in French because our fragrance oils are imported from France but then I realized, the name is kinda hard to remember and pronounce for some. Something that sounds and looks nice. Doesn't really have to be in French. The look and style we are going for is simple elegance.

SOLUTIONBefore deciding on the brand name for aroma and home products, lets see what all areas can you focus on, which will help us find the right keywords in the Brand Name.

1) You can focus on Lifestyle or generally something which pleases life. You have to come up with an emotional attribute for these type of products. So here emotional marketing is more successful and not the rational one. You have to search for intangible. You can use tip- top as a brand name, smart

2) You can focus on luxury as well. I mean in all your campaigns you lauch it for premium customers, then you can use elite word in your brand. The different keywords can be - aristocratic

3) If your products are different from that of your competitors - you can focus a lot on novelty and unconventionality

4) You can also say that we have the best spa products .. so you can use words top-notch, tops

5) As you also mentioned the brand name can be a combination of smell+taste. I would suggest that you give a value proposition to your customer that it not please one or two sense .. it please your all 5 senses. So the brand name can be fivesense, 5sense, sensory spa products.

6) You can focus of the feelings, emotions, anxiety etc

I think ambrosia wont fit for this as it focus on just one aspect and doesnt have an emotional appeal. You have to have a name which is much broader and doesnt restrict your customer and force them to visit you again and again.


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