Friday, April 14, 2006

Is six sigma possible in Marketing ?

I am a double six sigma green belt certified from KPMG and Birlasoft Limited. My project was on reduction of load time of a webiste

I think that six sigma can be applied across different sectors and across several functional areas like Marketing, HR, Finance etc. One thing which is required is data. As most of you will be aware about DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve and control) ... so here if one has a data there is no issue

Just take an example of Brands .. the most popular topic in Marketing. Suppose company like ITC want to check the success of its new launch last year - May, 2005 of Sunfeast Pasta. So if Marketing manager sit with his team and analyze the steps from idea generation of sunfeast pasta to its final execution, we can get data on the different consumers behaviour like the per capita consumption of snacks - maggi, noodles and pasta ... what all attributes consumers look for before buying snacks ... why would they want to buy a branded pasta. The above is just one dimension to it. We can get data about different regions and see their consumer behavior ... and see whether the value proposition of sunfeast pasta was in syn with the consumers.

Because brands are in the mind of consumer. So here in six sigma terminology, the marketers may have undergone some defects. So now if a company like HLL want to enter into branded pasta .. they can analyze this day and remove the defects and have a successful lauch.


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