Monday, April 17, 2006

List of interesting and contemporary topics

1. Blogs for Marketers: We have seen that 26% of CEOs in US use blogs and many marketers are using it as a powerful as mentioned in many of the articles. Is the hype justified? Can blogs ever replace TC commercials?
2. Niche Marketing: We have seen that marketers these days are targeting a specific set of people having a specific need. But they get apremium for this. Can these niche players be able to stand against mammoth players?
3. Industry Convergence: As product spaces become modularized, componentized, and compartmentalized to address the individual, customized, targeted needs of markets, the correspondent market space, and the value chains in them become more integrated. In a sense, products become disintegrated while markets become integrated. The future belongs not only to the convergence of devices, but also to divergent (i.e., specialized) devices.
4. Private labels vs Brands: Right now 1 out 5 brand sold in US is a private label. Is this ratio going to increase in future with effecient SCM by big retail giants?
5. Internet Marketing/ Email Marketing: Are marketers still spending money from their advertising budgets on it?

Which one is the most inn one?


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