Thursday, May 04, 2006

India is the right place to work with ...

Today i read an article in Economic Times mentioning "Coke brings back Indians to head operations at home".

Coca Cola India is in the process of repatriating Indians from overseas postings, including China, Sri Lanka, Denmark and Atlanta.

1. Sumanta Datta, the current Brand Director of Coca Cola China will be joining CCI as Region Vice-President (North Operations) from June
2. Vikas Chawla (Sri Lanka): Wil be joining Coca Cola India (CCI) as Vice-President Franchise Business Operations, after relocating from Sri Lanka, where he was Managing Director of the Coke operations
3. Sanjiv Gupta (from Denmark): He has been brought to CCI as Director Revenue Growth Management and Business Planning. He was earlier working at the marketing division of Coke's Denmark operations
4. Mansoor Sidiqqui (Atlanta): the former consultant at the Coca Cola Company, Atlanta, has now joined CCI as General Manager Marketing innovation

Commenting on the influx of Indians from overseas arms, CCI Vice-President HR Adil Malia said India was becoming an extremely attractive work destination for professionals. The increased number of Indians heading for home to join here from Coke's overseas operations assumes significance as the current President and CEO of CCI Atul Singh was also moved from Coke's China division, where he was the President, East Central and South China.

Now when Indian economy is booming and especially FMCG sector India, why would anybody born in India would not love to come back... They can see the following:

1. Innovation at the peak ... every week we see press releases of new brands in new product categories - satisfying specific needs ... by line extension, brand extension etc .. There is a huge scope in India as it has a big marketer and definately several things to experiment.

2. Acquisition Of Companies and Brands in Fmcg Sector : There is a huge scope to learn the knack of mergers here in India. Few of examples are:

  • P&G and Gillette
  • Dabur acquired Balsara for 143 crores
  • Godrej Consumer Care bought Keyline Brands
  • Marico acquired HLL Nihar brand
3. Touch the Rural soil: The rural areas showed a good growth for the FMCG major. Higher government spending could be a reason for higher offtake in rural areas. There is a huge scope for marketers to experiment with new product launches in rural markets. More that 50% of FMCG market lies in Rural India.

4. Retail Boom: People working in India will get an opportunity to see an interesting journey from a meagre 3-4% organized retail to a substantial percentage in the coming decade. China's organized is around 30% ... its a long way to go.

Is there any country on this Earth, who can offer this huge opportunity to explore, learn, experiment and 100 more things.

Why would anybody be interested to go outside India??


Blogger Nitin Kochhar said...

Check out latest article in ET = "Coke on talent hunt for more fizz"

Having lost talent to some of the emerging sectors like telecom, insurance and retail over the past few months, the cola major is now hiring aggressively.

While eight senior executives are either joining the company fold or are already in, around 15 lower-to-middle management positions have been filled up during the last three months.

Besides, it has created two new senior posts of VP strategy and VP client engagement as part of its new strategic blueprint for growth in India, “Manifesto For Growth”. Coca-Cola India officials are calling it the “phase II of its human resource planning”.

May 05, 2006 11:24 AM  

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