Monday, July 03, 2006

Hierarchy in a FMCG Organization

All the people who are interested in FMCG sector know one important thing - "Distribution is the key". But the big question here is that - "How the hell my products reach the grocery and the convenience guys?"

Let me give you some insights on that. Lets start with person lowest in the hierarchy.

  1. Sales Guy: The basis role of this person is to make sure that the company's product portfolio react the G & C retail outlets. So he may either use a cycle or a bike or a van normally for grocery. This guy has the highest touchpoint with the retailers in his route. Normally the salesman will have fixed route and even know the names of the retailers. He know the exact demand for the next visit. He is the guy with maximum insights.
  2. Supervisor: This guy will make sure that the sales guys are working properly. He will train and motive the Sales guys.
  3. Section Head: In a particular state, there will be different districts and group of districts will make a sector. So some employees of the FMCG organization will head that section. They also have to interact with the distributors/ wholesalers and check for the demand for next month and accrdingly design delivery schedules.
  4. Area head: Now group of sections will make a Area, which will be headed by a Area Head.
  5. State Head: Looks for the sales of the whole state

And the hierarchy keeps growing to District Head, Country Head - Sales / Marketing.


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