Monday, September 05, 2005

RETAIL DISPLAY .. It is helping marketers to increase their sales !!

RETAIL DISPLAY .. It realy Helps !!

1. Area right next to the main entrance is the worst place to display anything. People take some time to settle down after entering a store. So, things kept at the entrance generally go unnoticed
2. Lighting and music are also important for a feel-good ambience. A well-lit store invites lots of customers
3. Men are less likely to climb a flight of stairs to pick up a shirt. Men are not patient shoppers. The men’s section in Snowite, accounting for 60% of sales, is on the ground floor.
4. The ladies’ section is along with kids’ clothing because women tend to shop for kids while buying clothes for themselves
5. Apparel in current demand — cottons in summer, for instance — generally occupy the first counter. Jeans would be kept last, though it’s the other way round in winter.
6. Place the possible matches in nearby counters. For example, spaghettis go well with capris. A coordinated colour scheme is important too, and not just for the walls.
7. Think seasonal: Retailers also come up with different themes for different seasons. "This summer, our theme is vibrant colours, and counters stocking such outfits have been lit up a little extra,"says a manager at Wills Lifestyle in CP. Last year, Globus came up with an African safari theme — even the mannequins were dressed up like tribals. The idea, say retailers, is to provide a change of scene to regular shoppers.
8. Cash counters: Believe it or not, a lot of research goes into their positioning. Generally, cash counters are on the right side: it’s supposed to be the least visibile area. Perfect spot for the last stop.

Can you guys on some innovative retail display which can help the marketers?


Blogger Nitin Kochhar said...

I mentioned one example in my previous post on Marketing Analytical Techniques:
1. men who buy diapers are usually baby-sitting and they invariably buy a couple of cans of beer.
2. Men who buy premium shirts always land up buying Barbie dolls for their daughters to feel less guilty for spending a bomb on a shirt for themselves.

That is why these pairs are kept together in retail outlets !!

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