Saturday, September 03, 2005

Healthier Breads .. Can it work in India ?

One of the more recent trends has been the move towards low trans fats. Of the four types of fat commonly found in everyday foods, trans fat is potentially the most damaging to health. Interestingly, US government legislation has recently been passed to make trans fat labelling on food products compulsory by 2006, a trend which is likely to spread internationally as consumers become aware of the dangers of excessive trans fat consumption.

In North America, Bimbo Bakeries’ introduction of a Sugar Free 100% Whole Wheat Bread under the Oroweat brand

In Canada, The Great Atlantic & Pacific of Canada, under its The Baker’s Oven brand, launched Tortilla Wraps, made without hydrogenated oils or trans fat.

For those looking for more intense internal benefits, there are now breads enriched with functional ingredients, such as the Omega group vital for cell formation and metabolising cholesterol, and prebiotics to help improve digestion and boost the immune system.

These product innovations are working in NA, Canada and other developed countries.

Can these product innovation work in India?
Is India ready for brands SugarFree Breads where SugarFree of Cadilla is not picking up?


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