Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Punjabi Girls Rocks !! .. Royal Enfield Drivers

Punjabi women are increasingly taking to the Royal Enfield as can be seen from the growing number of female members in motorcycle clubs. Several new schemes are being planned for these enthusiasts, such as new adventure routes to add to the existing Rider Mania and Himalayan Odyssey, offering of weekend experiential rides, promotion of bike communities and slight modifications in the product design.

“We are the undisputed leaders of the cruiser segment. There is hardly any competition in the 250cc plus segment. Our sales are growing and we are also making foray into the foreign markets. But keeping with the tradition of the product some changes will have to be made. Our challenge is to bring these changes without compromising on the identity of the bike,” says M Krishan general manager (sales) of Royal Enfield.

Every year, 5m motorcycles hit the Indian roads. Enfield’s annual sales figures of around 40,000 (40% come from Punjab only) may suggest that there is a lot of room for improvement, but it doesn’t seem to bother the company. ”Ours is not a commuting vehicle. Please do not compare a niche product like ours to products of mass consumption,” says S Vaitheeswaran, director (sales & marketing).

Can Royal Enfield extend its brand portfolio to increase its market?


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