Saturday, September 03, 2005

Human Billboards ... innovative way to increase sales !!

SnoreStop used “human billboards”. The brand decided to take a chance on a 20-year-old guy from Nebraska, who put up his forehead for offer as advertising space. “Take advantage of this radical advertising campaign and become a part of history,” Andrew Fischer said in his sales spiel on eBay.

He explained that he needed the money for college tuition, as he was an aspiring graphic designer. And SnoreStop’s chief branding officer Christian de Rivel couldn’t let the opportunity pass. The brand paid Fischer $57,000 for the deal. In the five months following the promotion:
Recorded a 50% increase in sales
Staggering return on investment of over 100%

All from one student with a branded forehead? Certainly not.

Ever since Fischer Forehead, other brands have taken the idea forward.

Golden Palace has put its logos on the hides of 100 cows,
after experimenting with branding women’s cleavages and pregnant bellies;

Toyota had 40 people walk around Times Square in New York with the Toyota Scion logo on their foreheads

SnoreStop’s latest recruitment ad reads:
Wanted: New Head of Advertising (no experience required!). Salary: $37,375.

Is Human Billboard ethical??
What are the other buzz techniques which marketers are using??


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