Saturday, November 05, 2005

MTR FOODS .. into Ready to Eat products and Retail

MTR Foods Limited is amongst the top five processed food manufacturers in India.

Starting with the legendary MTR restaurant in Bangalore, they now offer ''complete meal solutions'. Their wide range of products include ready-to-eat curries and rice, ready-to-cook gravies, frozen foods, ice cream, instant snack and dessert mixes, spices and a variety of accompaniments like pickles and papads.

They have expanded into retail as well - Namma MTR

They are into Convinience Segment - with Ready to Eat products.

Ready to Eat dishes are an amazing combination of convenience, taste and variety. They're 100% natural and have absolutely no preservatives. MTR's range currently comprises twenty-two delicious and completely authentic Indian curries, gravies and rice. They have successfully adapted technology from the Defense Food Research Laboratory, Mysore to make sure each dish has that "just-cooked" freshness.

Competitors: Sunfeast Pasta, Maggi, Bambino, Branded Breads (Harvest, Nilgiri)


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